If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration
— Nikola Tesla

Energy, It’s everything and everywhere. All things are made of energy. It powers us, moves us, fuels, sustains, and nourishes us. Energy can stagnate, whether it’s your personal energy or the energy in your home or workplace. Energy needs to move to keep things in your life and your spaces balanced and productive.

Some energies are self sustaining - like the positive energy of a winning streak. Everyone enjoys a winning streak as well as the excitement created by it’s seemingly self- generated and sustained steady supply.

The flip side of this is not so much fun. It’s a negative spiral; you get a cold; people start to bicker at work; clients cancel appointments; and friends back out of plans last minute. It feels bad! Again, it’s negative, unpleasant, and entirely self-sustaining. You are in a funk, a losing streak, a slump. It’s a pattern and, until you break it, you aren’t going to be able to shake it’s unpleasant effects.

It is sometimes possible to “positive think” or “positive attitude” your way out of a negative spiral. It takes an enormous amount of time and the energy. But, if you’ve been in the funk for a while, you are probably feeling tired,uninspired, and maybe a little defeated. Inside of this negative energy spiral things all seem too big, too hard, and often take more energy than you can muster. Does this sound familiar? Do you need to get your mojo back?


Property Clearing

A property clearing is the most common and accessible type of clearing. Like vacuuming the carpets, painting the walls, and wiping out the cabinets. Clearing and resetting the energy helps makes the space freshly yours.



Do you suspect you are experiencing a haunting? Do you, or a member of your household, have the sense of being watched? Hear distant voices or footsteps? See shadows that move when you don’t? Have household items either move or disappear? Despite the different experiences that can come with a haunting, the result is that you feel unsafe in your own home.


Personal Clearing

A personal clearing is akin to an energetic reboot. Whether you have specific concerns or consider it a part of simple self care, a personal clearing can help align your energy and provide new found balance.


It's Complicated

This is just what it sounds like: complicated. These clearings address issues that go far beyond basic energy alignment or the clearing of your space and require a more sophisticated and experienced approach.