“It’s complicated” refers to those experiences that are almost too complicated to explain to most people you know. A complicated clearing requires you tell me exactly what you are experiencing so I can unravel and correct the issue. You first must share the origin of the issues to the best of your understanding. Did they begin as a result of your actions? Or are you on the receiving end of someone else’s action? There is no judgement. I am here to help.

If the issue originated with you, regardless of if it was a hex, spell, curse, black magic, shamanic working, hoodoo, evil eye, intention is a powerful thing. It is your will at work. You own it. You made it happen. Your intention may result in something unexpected, but it is powerful, and you can’t just “take it back”. I can attempt to redirect some of it.

If I can get enough information to get ahold of the energetic signature of whatever “it” was, I can help remove it’s tie to you and redirect it a bit. I can often help lessen the effects, but I can’t guarantee I can “undo it”. I am not judging you or saying you deserve to suffer. Not at all! I do, however, want you to be aware that the more malicious your intent, or the more of someone else’s will you attempted to override, the more difficult this clearing process will be.

If you are the target of someone else’s action, it’s much easier for me to clear for you. I will need to know the same things as above. For instance, who do you suspect is directing the energy and why? The more details you can share, the better. Any information you can tell me will help.

I will need to know as much of the following as possible:

What exactly did you cast, and when? (specifically what date and time)

What did you intend originally?

And why are you reversing course?

Who or what did you direct it at?

Did you act as an individual or as part of a group?

Did it go awry, or did you change your mind?