Often there is a lot of fear, denial and guilt associated with hauntings. It’s common to worry you’re somehow responsible. Hauntings are almost never the result of something done on purpose. You likely didn’t do anything to cause it or deserve a haunting. Hauntings rarely have anything to do with religion and are not a judgement of the kind of person you are or a punishment for something you have done. Hauntings, and the belief in them, do not make you a bad Christian, Muslim, Hindu or anything else. You wouldn’t judge someone for having a wasp nest suddenly appear at their home. A haunting is simply an infestation of another kind. Understandably, you may not want your friends and neighbors to know that you are experiencing this. They don’t have to! I do all of my work remotely and discreetly.

Everyone in the household needs to be aware of and open to the clearing. Why? If a member of the household won’t acknowledge there is an issue, is apprehensive about addressing it, or feels guilt about possibly clearing loved ones, I can’t successfully clear the space. I respect that everyone has free will. If a clearing is unwelcome by a member of the household, I can’t override that choice.  

Occasionally, I clear something, and it does come back. The space is almost always palpably “quieter” after a clearing. In the very rare occurrence that the cleared presence returns, I will always do a second clearing for the same issue at no charge within a one-year period.

Are there things I can’t clear? Yes. They are rare. If something like this comes up in the course of your clearing, I will absolutely let you know, and we can discuss the options.

What won’t help?

Things that don’t help, may make it worse, and may have been the impetus to the issue in the first place: ghost hunting, ouija boards, seances, the practice of dark magic, and calling the dead. This isn’t an exhaustive list, but are all things to avoid if you’d like to live a peaceful life without establishing a long-term relationship with anything dark, dead or creepy. While on the subject of engaging with things that are creeping you out, following you around without your permission, taking up residence in your home, scaring you, or causing you harm - just don’t! When you talk about them, complain about them, invite people over to experience them, write about the situation on facebook etc., you are feeding energy to the very thing you are hoping to eliminate.

Circumstances beyond your control that may make a haunting worse are violence, addiction, abuse, religious practices, death on a property, overwhelming grief, and untreated serious mental health issues. All of these, usually unknowingly, generate, feed and attract all kinds of negative energies and entities, especially abuse.