Q: What if someone died on a property I’m buying?

A: Death is an unavoidable part of life and not something to be feared. The time of “crossing over” energy moving from one plane to another if not usual energy or circumstances. So places like graveyards and hospitals often have this “crossing over” energy that can be somewhat unsettling and may feel unfamiliar. These are places where different people often experience two incredibly powerful emotions, grief and despair simultaneously. Day after day that energy compounds and builds and the people change. Unlike rage or anger which are intense emotions but usually brief or intermittent in duration. Grief and despair burn slow and can languish for years.This creates a perfect emotional combination for an entity or negative energy to attach. A person already suffering and giving off tons of negative emotional energy, is often physically weak, distracted and not totally in tune with their own health and well being. Then paired with a location filled with unstable energy, is when an attachment can easily happen. The living person will feel more tired and distracted as time goes on. A personal energy clearing would help to recover from this negative energy spiral.

Q: How do I clear things like energy attachments?  

A: I do most of my work by accessing the Akashic records. I go to the root of why it is there and figure out how it is attached (most things that don’t belong here can’t stay unless they draw energy from a person or a home etc) so I can determine how to detach it and send it away or cross it over to the astral plane it belongs to. Please don’t feel remorse about clearing these attachments. These are not your loved ones that have passed, or personal guides or angels. These are a sort of energy parasite that do not belong here.

Q: Do I ever turn down work?

A: If you are in the throws of addiction and It comes up in my work, I will decline the job. As discussed earlier, addiction is a disease and I can not treat diseases. Why can’t I work with addicts? Addicts have a very faint energetic signature that make it almost impossible for me work properly with their energy. This isn’t a judgement of of any kind. We all make choices and we all have free will. If I tell you I can’t help you with an issue, I am not saying you don’t deserve help with your problem - I am just telling you I am not the person for the job. Please don’t be offended. If can’t help at all, I will simply refund your payment.

Q:  What is your refund policy?

A: If something is totally outside my skill set right from the start, I will just refund the fee and apologize. I’ve seen a lot of crazy things and I can help a myriad of situations. But there are still some energies I don’t yet know how to work efficiently with and if that is the case I will let you know right from the start  if I don’t think I can help.

I learn more everyday! But it isn’t like there is a handbook that explains in any detail how to efficiently undo dark magic, remove hauntings or banish a demon. I will always help if I can, as much as I can. Just know that once I start working on something I will not issue a refund. So if I clear a bunch of things and uncover something a week or two into the process I will let you know. I am charging for my time and I am doing the work as requested. If I come across something crazy I can’t budge, I will absolutely let you know. That is the reason clearings are priced differently and have ranges. Some are relatively easy and totally done in 2-3 weeks, others are incremental and we clear as we go and can last a month or longer. Sometimes the more you dig, the more you find.

Q: Guarantees?

A: I will always do a second clearing for you within a year for the same issue at no charge (except personal clearing - those are just a one time clearing). If you need additional or ongoing work after that I will offer to work at a discount. I never want clients to need my help monthly to function in the world.

Q: Why do I do this work?

A: When I needed help I couldn’t find anyone willing or able to help me. They either made me feel like a lunatic, wanted to turn my life and house upside down or were going to charge me a small fortune for their assistance. It breaks my heart to think about people and especially kids who don’t feel safe in their own homes. What I do is make homes clearer and quieter, so the poeple who live there feel better and safer.

Q:  What am I charging for?

A: I am essentially charging for my time, skill and the personal energy I use doing the work. Pricing for all the clearings are based on how much time and energy I anticipate it will take me based on several years of experience. So sometimes someone will request a property clearing and once I get into it I will determine that someone in the home actually has the attachment. So the house is clear, but someone in the house still has an entity attached and they need to be cleared too and there will be an additional charge to complete it. It’s not a ploy, I‘m uncovering issues and honestly addressing them as they come up.

Q:  Why don’t I just charge for both up front?

A: I probably should, but honestly in plenty of homes a property clearing is all that’s needed and I don’t want to charge anyone more than necessary. I really want to keep the cost as low as possible so my help is accessible to most anyone who needs it. No boogie man gets to stay in any kid’s closet if I can help it! I want to continue to only have to charge people for the work needed.

Q: What if I truly can’t afford it?

A: I do my best to pay it forward when I can. So if your need is great and your situation sincere I will do my best to work with you if I can.

Q: What if I continue to experience things after a clearing?

A: Re-clearing: I do offer a one time re-clear on all property clearings within the calendar year. It’s not uncommon for something to crop up in the months that follow, so just let me know and I will be happy to re-clear for you. More than once shouldn’t be needed.