A personal clearing is akin to an energetic reboot.

There are many reasons you might choose to do a clearing. You may want personal clearing simply because you just haven’t felt quite yourself since a trip, a breakup, a job change, a new roommate, or any number of other life events that throw you off track. You feel, simply put, in a funk. Your body and spirit are trying to tell you something is not right. Another valuable reason and perfect time for a clearing is to end a string of bad luck. A personal clearing stops the negative energy spiral and gives your positive energy cycle a boost.

A personal clearing is also an opportunity for simple self care. Perhaps you have a meaningful event coming up and a little extra energy or “sparkle” is wanted. A personal clearing can help with that!

A note on depression:

The low or stagnant energy scenarios discussed above, while they can feel like or exist with depression, are not to be mistaken for the medical condition of depression. I deeply support the common sense action of exploration, with your licensed medical professional, of physical causes for concerns you may have regarding depression. My work isn’t a substitute for medical care, and those with depression should partner with a medical professional to explore treatment. Suffering from depression can leave one more susceptible to negative energy patterns, situations, and people because, as we all know, like attracts like. Is it unfair? Certainly. Is it inescapable? No, you simply have to break the cycle. Do something different. Energy work, in the form of a personal clearing, can be helpful.

A note on addiction:

Addiction, like depression or other mental illnesses, is a disease and cannot be cured with a clearing.  If you are actively struggling with any form of addiction or serious mental health issue, a clearing is rarely effective. I wish it was different, but it isn’t. I respectfully request that you fully disclose anything along these lines so we are able openly discuss the efficacy of energy work.