Stories like these from a past clients are why I do what I do.

I contacted Nina about some unusual and upsetting activity at my home, and she suggested an energetic house-cleaning.

Nina began working on our home remotely, and we immediately experienced relief. For months we had noticed unusual behavior in my young son. He was crying all the time and acting out, and we began to be concerned about his mental health. Nina explained that the neighbor who was dying in the adjacent home had toxic energy that was impacting my sensitive son. Right after she began the work, peace was restored to our home. My husband and I stopped fighting, and our anxiety about our son lessened. It was fascinating to get the daily report from my 3-year-old about how he thought the work was progressing! There had been a number of recent deaths in our shared home complex, and Nina cleared up the psychic residue. My son was restored to his joyful and playful self over a month’s time, and Nina gave us a number of tools for keeping our home energetically protected.

At the time I contacted Nina, I didn’t officially believe in “haunted houses” or malevolent entities. I came to her out of desperation, because my own positive vibes and prayers were no match for the chaos in the house. I felt powerless, and terrified by the strange things my son was telling me. Nina explained what was happening in a clear way that I could understand, and she got to work immediately to alleviate my stress. I will forever be grateful to her for lifting the fog over our house. She’s the real deal - professional and capable. She’s worth every penny, and you won’t regret the investment in your peace of mind.
— Thea

I contacted Nina after I had an awakening about a few relationships that were feeling suffocating and overwhelming. I could not understand what was happening to my mood, my energy or the disquiet I felt in my own home “like somebody was watching me.”

Talking with Nina about my energetic situation helped me right away, especially the confirmation that it was not my vain imagining but that someone really did intend me harm or at least to squelch my joy at every opportunity. The situation had grown over years, so did not resolve quickly. I slowly felt better, with the first benefit not having to  look over my shoulder all the time when I was at my kitchen sink. I do not understand the nuances of this type of energy work (I am a Foot Zone therapist and Reiki Master Practitioner) so having Nina explain the remote viewing that was and had been happening in my home made sense. That improved quickly but the “gunk” that overlaid my energy took quite a long time, and I do believe it was from years of commitment to the friendship that turned into something very disturbing.

I have recommended Nina many times to friends and clients and have heard only respectful and helpful information. She’s the real deal and does her work remotely and with appropriate boundaries as well as kept me in the loop as to the progress. Some of the best money I ever spent and I know where to go if I need help again.
— Merrilee